Sunday Worship Hosts

For each service the members of the congregation are asked to fulfill specific duties to enhance the worship experience such as greeting, ushering, reading, communion assistants and fellowship hosts.

Greeters stand at the door greeting worshipers as they come into the church

Ushers pass out bulletins at the beginning of the service, count the number of people in worship, collect the offering, usher worshippers up to communion, collect bulletins after the service, straighten out bulletins if there is a following service, and prepare sanctuary for the next service by collecting stray bulletins left, putting pew bibles and hymnals back in their place.

Communion Assistants prepare communion for the service by putting out the bread, wine, gluten free wafers and grape juice. They assist with serving communion and then clean up after the service.

Fellowship Hosts make coffee and juice and set out treats they have brought to serve between the services on Sunday. They are also responsible for cleaning up after fellowship. Clean-up includes washing and putting away coffee cups and any dishes used, empting and rinsing out coffee pots, empting coffee grounds empting juice container and washing it out, wiping down beverage counter and tables

Sign-up Sheet for each service is on the interest table in the narthex

WOW Meal Hosts

The Worship On Wednesday meal hosts are responsible for planning, cooking, serving and cleaning up the supper served before the Wednesday night worship.