Meet Pastor Tim Lindhorst

pastor-tim-lindhorstI’m a big city boy, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (so naturally I root for the Detroit Lions). I attended the University of Michigan and remain an unapologetic Wolverines fan. Most importantly, I met my wife Paula at the University Lutheran chapel at U of MI and we were married there in 1990. I graduated from Trinity Seminary in Columbus, OH but spent my senior year at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. I believe I’m one of the only seminary students to be in the graduation picture of two different seminaries! My first call as a pastor was to Montevideo, MN. This call was followed by four years of intentional interim ministry and a call to St Cloud as a mission developer. Most recently I served as a pastor at Rejoice Lutheran in Clearwater, MN.

My wife, began her vocation as a family practice physician, but now serves as the director of Hospice at the St Cloud Hospital where she also does palliative care. She has asked me to convey to everyone that she never discusses her patients with me. So, if you are in the hospital and see Dr. Lindhorst, please don’t assume that I know you are there! We have two children. Vera is in her first year at Luther College in Decorah, IA and Luke is in 10th grade at Tech High school in St. Cloud. Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing much of my family. Vera is away at school and Paula and I feel it’s important for Luke to have a church home that doesn’t change every time I receive a new call, so Paula and Luke will continue to worship at Atonement Lutheran in St. Cloud. I suspect they will join me at Resurrection on occasion, especially once I figure out when the best treats are served after worship.

It is a privilege to serve as your interim pastor. In partnership with your competent and capable leaders, I hope to do ministry with you, but not for you. As your pastor, I will preach and teach, preside at worship and administer the sacraments, provide pastoral care & visitation, give pastoral leadership where needed, pray for the ministry of the church, and preside at baptisms, funerals, weddings, etc. As I share with you the ministry of Word and Sacrament, I ask that you share with me a commitment to faithful participation at church, service to others, and prayer for the current needs of the church and the future vision of ministry here. Your support and participation in ministries like confirmation, worship, and music will help this church grow in its witness to Christ’s love for all.

As an interim pastor, I am not available for the “settled” call here at Resurrection. I am however, committed to helping Resurrection navigate the interim time during which we will be challenged with many changes, some of which have already happened, like staff changes, and some we haven’t even anticipated yet. It’s natural for a system to change when a long-term pastor leaves and other staff changes occur. We’ll navigate these changes together and with Christ’s love, we will be all right. Who knows, we might even discover some really fun things on the journey?
I encourage you to introduce yourself to me (a number of times if necessary). I’d like to get to know you while I’m here. The best thing about being a pastor is hearing the stories of people. Christ meets us in community; so as we share our joys and sorrows of the past and hopes and dreams for the future may God use this interim for our growth together in faith toward God and in love for one another