Holy Baptism

We baptize both children and adults in our congregation. When adults are baptized, they meet with the pastor to prepare for the event. When infants or children are baptized, the parents (and sponsors if possible) meet with the pastor for pre-baptismal instruction. Except in case of an emergency, baptisms take place during a regular worship service so that the congregation may participate in the event.  Please complete the from below and email it to rlc@rlcstjoe.com.

Baptism Information


If you are preparing for a wedding, it is important to contact the church as soon as possible to be sure that the building and the pastor are available on the dates you are considering. If you are being married at Resurrection, a pre-marriage class is required.

Illness or Hospitalization

Please notify the church in times of serious illness or hospitalization (320) 363-4232. We want to be able to visit you in the hospital and remember you in prayer. The hospital does not notify the church when members are hospitalized, so we need your help in this area.

Additionally if you, a loved one, or friend, would like to be included in the prayers of our congregation, please contact the church office. Because of confidentiality concerns, we seek to include in public prayers only those who have given us permission to do so.


If you are looking to have a Funeral or Memorial Service at RLC please call or email the church office. Please included the name of the funeral home you are using and the tentative date of the proceeding. We are sorry for your loss and we are here to help you navigate this difficult time.

Phone: 320-262-4232

Email rlc@rlcstjoe.com